Tropic Marin Nutrient Control

Tropic Marin Nutrient Control
Promotes the regulation of the most beneficial water quality

Polluted aquarium water can be attributed to various factors. Food and substrates increase the phosphate concentration in water, for example, and the release of organic substances causes severe yellow tint. If concentration levels of nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates rise too much in an aquarium, the reef ecosystem will be disturbed, stunting the growth of corals, fish and algae and they may even suffer damage.

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Tropic Marin Sea Salt
Sea Salts
Tropic Marin sea salts are made from pharmaceutically pure salts and are free from synthetic additives.
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Tropic Marin Bacteria
Bacteria play an important role in the establishment and maintaining of biological balance in the aquarium.
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Tropic Marin Minerals
Tropic Marin offers the necessary minerals required for the establishment of stable, true-to-nature conditions in the aquarium.
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Tropic Marin Nutrition
Tropic Marin offers plankton substitutes, specifically designed for the needs of filter feeders in saltwater aquariums.
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Tropic Marin Nutrient Control
Nutrient Control
Tropic Marin promotes the regulation of the most beneficial water quality with targeted nutrient-reducing products.
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Tropic Marin
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