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Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump


A precision aquarium pump that does everything. Dosing, auto top-off, water changes even feeding. Accurate to 2% or less and capable of several hundred ml. a minute, the Versa is the new expectation in multi-purpose pumps.

  • Length: 3.15in.(80mm)
  • Width: 2.34in.(59.4mm)
  • Height: 4.21in.(106.9mm)
  • MIN: 0.5ul a minute
  • MAX Continuous: 200ml per minute
  • MAX Volumetric: 300ml per minute
Heavy Duty

Commercial-grade construction using durable ABS plastics and precision gearing make the Versa™ is built to last. Designed to handle long term continuous use applications, the time between servicing is greatly extended with the use of laboratory-grade silicone tubing.

Flexible Installation

Available for individual use or as a four-pack including a Base Station. Up to four individual pumps can dock to each Base Station. The Base Station features a consolidated power supply and tactile indexing buttons.


Including safeguards, catch-up, and a myriad of other features: A defining characteristic of EcoTech® equipment is the versatility and power of control offered to the aquarium hobbyist. A defining characteristic of Mobius™ is packaging all this capability in a way that makes programming and control intuitive, quick, and painless.

Planetary Gear

The Versa’s drive configuration is optimized for precision and longevity — two essential characteristics for a precise yet robust market-leading peristaltic pump.

Versa Modes
Auto mode schedules dosing specific to what additive or solution is being dosed. This mode utilizes standard dosing practices and known water parameter changes in a reef tank based on light cycle and biological activity.
Continuous mode sets a dosing rate (volume/min) that runs when the pump is powered. Continuous mode is an always-operating dosing mode and needs to be controlled by external means (controller, timer, float switch, etc.).
Manual Mode allows the user to create a program specifying dosing volumes and or durations. The Versas variable operational capability allows volume dosing to be carried out a specified rate or over a specified time period.





Height: 4.21in.(106.9mm)