The ingredients that provide superior quality to our kibble

A little raw goes a long way and freeze-dried raw toppers make it easy to boost your pet's bowl!

It’s probably no surprise that animal proteins are the most important nutrients for developing cat and dog food. They’re rich in essential amino acids, are fundamental in maintaining and growing cell structures, and help to facilitate the many other metabolic and biological functions of the body.

But not every type of protein is the same, some are better than others. When it comes to making dry food, we choose the type of animal protein that will provide quality to the raw materials as well as the finished product. But that’s not all, we also think about the processing method and the tools and storage systems we need, which affect the final quality of the product, as well as the cost.

Animal proteins and kibble

There are numerous types of kibble on the market that are all made with different types of proteins, not just tastes and flavours but also in terms of fresh or dehydrated meats. We explain the difference below:

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