Fun Outdoor Activities With Your Dog For Socializing

It's the perfect time to plan outdoor adventures with your canine companion
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A day at the beach

Most dogs love water, so a day at the dog beach or at a lake is a day well-spent. Bring a frisbee for tossing, floating toys for chasing in the surf, or build a sandcastle together—your dog can dig the moat! Be sure to keep you and your pup hydrated. And always make sure your dog is supervised when in or near the water.

Take a hike

Find a hiking trail nearby that fits your dog’s abilities and stamina, gather up some water and healthy snacks for both of you, and enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells that nature has to offer. If hiking isn’t your thing, try just taking a different route on your usual neighborhood walk for a change of scenery.

Pack up a park picnic

Treat your dog to a day at the dog park and then look for a dog-friendly spot nearby to enjoy a picnic together. Pack a lunch for you and your dog to enjoy, spread out a blanket under a shady tree, and then relax while you watch your dog watch the squirrels.

Make a backyard splash

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, an afternoon of water sports with your dog can be a blast. You can find a variety of dog toys that are designed to float for fetching, or sink for diving.

Depending on your dog’s activity levels, they may also like just being pulled around on a pool float by you. If you’re unsure of your dog’s swimming skills, you might want to use a flotation vest for them to ensure their safety. And if you don’t have an actual swimming pool, get a kiddie pool (hard plastic sides are best for dogs) or take a run through the sprinklers together.

Create an obstacle course

You can buy obstacle course kits for your dog online. Or, with just a little imagination—think leftover cardboard boxes, hula hoops, and parking cones—you can create your own. Your dog will have a grand time navigating cardboard tunnels, leaping through hoops (start low to the ground and gradually raise the hoop), and zig-zagging around parking cones. Of course, a few Merrick treats will help inspire them to the finish line!

Keep hydrated

It’s important to keep your dog hydrated, at home or on an adventure. Always make sure your dog has access to fresh drinking water. A collapsible bowl and bottled water are perfect for your outdoor excursions. Adding wet food to your dog’s diet is also a great way to add extra moisture. Merrick seasonal wet recipes are great to bring along or as a meal when you return home.

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